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Driving Social Impact Through User Actions

We tie all customer actions that drive your business forward to a charitable cause, so you can do good and get more leads, sales, insights.


We believe giving back can impact your community and your bottom line.

Food & Beverage


Brewing Impact:
VOTO's Fan-Made Beer Triumph 🍻

"The pre-sale campaign accounted for an astounding 30% of total sales, showcasing the potential of innovation in the brewing industry."

Live Events

Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 6.43.44 PM.png

Fan-Driven Magic: Transforming Live Events One Concert at a Time 🎤

"The ripple effect continued, with 10% of total ticket sales happening right after submitting a vote, forming a new community of fans."

We've tested our ideas and they work . . .


We're on a mission to make every click matter


Boost Revenue with Higher Engagement

Engaged customers generate 23% more revenue than average. VOTO's 36% conversion rate significantly outpaces the market average of 2-5%, driving deeper customer interaction and higher sales​.

(Qualtrics)​​ (Operations and Standards)


Strengthen Brand Loyalty Through Giving


Companies that support their community see better brand loyalty and higher employee satisfaction. Leverage insights from Edelman's research to align your giving strategies with consumer values.


Accelerate Your Sales Funnel with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing with VOTO gives your consumers an exclusive preview of your next release, accelerating your sales funnel. Read our blog to learn from success stories like how we helped a local brewery generate $960 in pre-sales 🎯


Secure and Transparent Donations

Choose charities that match your values and control your donations. VOTO securely processes donations, showcasing your impact with a live social impact score on your profile.

Ice Cream Flavors

Femi Akinsanya, Co-Director of the Training, Education, and Resource Centre

"From the moment I connected with the VOTO team, I knew this was going to be a fruitful and amazing experience. They brought their expansive expertise and innovation to our campaign. It greatly expanded CCASA's reach and gave our organization valuable data. There was so much ease, consistency, and professionalism working with VOTO, and they brought professional insight and expertise to our campaign. As a non-profit, there are gaps that we can not always fill in-house; therefore, working with VOTO was the ideal solution for us. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with VOTO."

Step 1 

Become an innovator

Login to VOTO and follow the steps to become an Innovator.

Step 2

Design your campaign

As an Innovator, you’ll be able to create your own experiential marketing campaigns, or use one of our templates for an easy start!

Step 3

Share it with your audience

We’ll give you a link to share with your own audience, and post about your campaign on our social feeds to maximize your reach!


Step 4

Reward actions with a donation

As the campaign progresses, we will track how much money has been accrued as a result of the actions completed by consumers. When your campaign ends, we will securely process your donation.

Celebrate your leads, sales and insights with a micro-donation to your favourite charity 🎉

Honey Jars

Join our mission 🌻

Become an Innovator

Book a call with us to set up your account and receive templates to help design your first campaign! 

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