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Engagement for Social Good

We're digital engagement, community building, and charitable giving in one exciting platform. We combine the powers of purposeful engagement and micro-donations to help you know your audience better.

Live Campaigns 👇🏽

Why you should use VOTO campaigns

Pioneer a new path in consumer engagement 🏔

Sprinkle generosity into every day 🥳

Harness the power of generosity. A VOTO campaign gives your audience a reason to take action because it’ll have a positive reaction. p.s. The reaction is a donation 🌻

Let your audience tell you what they want 📣

Your audience wants to tell you what they like, and what will work for them. Get insightful input on your new product or event before you launch. 

If they build it, they’ll buy it 🎯

When your audience has a say in how a new product is built, they’re more likely to buy it. A VOTO campaign means your audience can be confident in your product because they’ve already approved.

VOTO Campaign with a vote about ice cream


Spark excitement by letting your audience influence your brand's direction. 


Deepen consumer insights and foster active involvement. 


Encourage your audience to share their info and connect for a cause!


 Encourage exploration and give your customers a reason to click.

Drive tangible change 💪🏽

Micro-donations are one of the easiest ways for your company to give back. Small, frequent donations add up to a meaningful impact without feeling overwhelming. 

Tap into your community 🌈

Audiences want to give their feedback. Find out exactly what your audience is looking for when they engage with a VOTO campaign. 

Build audience confidence 😇

When you build your new offering from a VOTO campaign, your audience knows that all of their peers already back the product. A VOTO campaign builds trust before you’ve even launched. 

When generosity and engagement come together, it’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s how VOTO makes a (really) big difference


Join the movement 🚀

Are you ready to channel your digital activity into a force for good? Join VOTO today and experience the joy of giving with every click. 

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