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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Who are Innovators?
    On VOTO, innovators are business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, anyone with a THING that they want to share with the world. Innovators are actively working to transform the communities they operate in.
  • Who are Homies?
    Homies are fans and consumers of the great products and services that Innovators produce. They’re the voters that help Innovators make the best decision when releasing something new and make an impact each time they vote.
  • How does VOTO work?
    In order to post a vote on VOTO, Innovators must make a pledge to their favorite charity. Every time a vote is cast, a portion of the pledge gets unlocked. Let’s jump into a simple example: Company CDE pledges $100 to The Benny Foundation and wants 100 Homies to vote and provide feedback. This means every time a vote is cast, $1 is unlocked for The Benny Foundation. $100 pledge = $1 per vote x 100 voters
  • Why Vote?
    Voting is a right that when exercised can change the world….ok but why vote on VOTO? Voting on our platform gives you the power to influence what your favorite Innovator creates. Not only do you get a say on your favorite product, service or experience, but every time you vote, a donation is made to a charity. That’s a 2 in 1 if you ask us!
  • Who is able to donate through VOTO?
    Only Innovators are able to donate through VOTO. In order to post a vote on VOTO, Innovators must make a pledge to their favorite charity.
  • Am I able to donate as a Homie?
    If you’re a Homie, you’ll need to become an Innovator to donate to your favourite charity. We’re working on a feature for Homies to donate - watch out for that!
  • Do I get a charitable tax receipt for the donations I make through VOTO?
    Yes! Once your vote ends and VOTO has released the pledge money to your charity of choice, you’ll receive a tax receipt which can be claimed on your annual tax return.
  • Which charities can I donate to?
    You can donate to any registered Canadian charity under the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). We're actively working to expand our scope to allow for international charities, so watch out for that.
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