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Consumer Engagement for Social Good

VOTO is led by two female entrepreneurs, Ange and Kajal. Both women have a deep rooted passion to bring insightful marketing and powerful micro-donations together. When these two devoted leaders come together, they offer over 10 years of experience in visual design, product management and partnership development. As Ange and Kajal continue to grow as leaders, both look forward to building an inclusive and diverse community centered around VOTO and social good.

Hello 👋🏾

My name is Ange

Co-founder, Head of Product

Meet Ange, a tech entrepreneur with a background in product management living in Calgary. Ange is passionate about building tech that helps businesses give back. She knows supporting non-profits shouldn't be an afterthought. Her dream client is one who is just as passionate about giving back and getting audience input as she is. Ange loves to journey with her clients as they maneuver the twists and turns of building new products and services. In her spare time, Ange is a fitness enthusiast, borderline gourmet cook and often moonlights as a DJ.

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Headshot of Ange, Co-Founder
Headshot of Kajal, Co-Founder

Welcome 🙌🏽

My name is Kajal

Co-Founder, Head of Design

Let’s introduce Kajal! Kajal was born and raised in Calgary and has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2021. The heart of her entrepreneurial spirit is driven by a desire to create experiences that are inclusive and beneficial to all stakeholders. Kajal is inspired by working with entrepreneurs who pioneer new challenges and are actively involved in their community. Kajal’s gift comes from her ability to help her clients see stale problems in a new light. When Kajal isn’t working you can find her dancing, making something sweet in the kitchen or taking on a new skill like pottery.

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Howdy 🤗

My name is Jason


Jason Becker's first love was neuroscience where he used computers for waveform and statistical analysis. Upon seeing NCSA Mosaic (the web browser that popularized the Internet) he pivoted to a career in Technology. Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led him to launch a couple of startups (FreePBX and Gabcast) before co-founding Benevity which attained unicorn status in 2020. Common threads throughout his career are a desire to solve complex problems and to inspire people to arise and do the work of humankind.

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Headshot of Jason, Advidor
Headshot of Audra, Advisor

Hi-yah 🥳

My name is Audra


​Audra Stevenson is a serial entrepreneur and creative problem solver. As a co-founder of Fresh Angles Inc. and Minit Inc., as well as a significant contributor to founding teams at Leftovers FoundationFresh Routes, Athennian and Knead Technologies, Audra has spent the last decade immersed in the intersection of technology, social good and leadership.

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