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Brewing Impact: VOTO's Fan-Made Beer Triumph!

In a world where creativity, collaboration, and compassion come together, a cool idea was born in partnership with Born Brewing and Family Advocacy Support Centre (FASC). A beer brewed with passion, crafted by fans, and dedicated to making a difference. This amazing journey marked the start of a new era for VOTO, where charity became a partner, and a fan-favorite product was born. It was consumer engagement and social impact at its best! Let's dig into the heartwarming story of how VOTO played a part in crafting a fan-made beer that made waves in the brewing world and in giving back.

Two blurred can designs showing the vote options.

The Charity and the Passion Project: A Fusion of Purpose

It all began with FASC, a grassroots organization with a mission to remove stigma and barriers that prevent families from asking for help. They sought to amplify their impact and raise awareness about their work through a strategic partnership. To maximize funding for their cause, FASC partnered with Born Brewing, known for its passion projects and commitment to donating a portion of proceeds to local nonprofits, infusing giving into every sip.

Here's how VOTO elevated the project to new heights:

1. Designing the Power of Choice

VOTO introduced a captivating twist to the project – the power of choice. Fans were invited to vote on the design of the beer can and the flavor of the brew, transforming them from passive consumers to active contributors in the creative process.

2. Cultivating Connection Through Community

To build a lasting relationship, VOTO encouraged fans to share their contact information, leading to the creation of a mailing list. This step fostered a sense of belonging and unity, turning one-time interactions into ongoing connections.

3. Pioneering Pre-Sale Innovation

In an unprecedented move, VOTO devised a pre-sale campaign where fans could pre-order a mystery beer. This groundbreaking approach not only generated excitement but also drove significant sales even before the beer hit the shelves.

The beer can that was selected in the vote and a confirmation message to the reader about the social impact.

The Journey Unveiled: Achievements and Impact

The results spoke volumes about the success of this heartwarming collaboration. Sales were able to support FASC's initiatives towards ensuring all families have the resources they need to thrive. With 148 fans actively participating in the voting process, the campaign became a resounding success in fostering community engagement. The pre-sale campaign accounted for an astounding 30% of total sales, showcasing the potential of innovation in the brewing industry.

Conclusion: Crafting Moments of Impact

This fan-driven collaboration by Born Brewing, FASC, and VOTO, wasn't just about brewing great beer; it was about crafting impactful moments. It showcased how passion, creativity, and charity combine to create amazing things. With this journey as proof, VOTO keeps pioneering innovative campaigns that leave a mark on the business and philanthropic worlds. Cheers to a community united by beer, compassion, and change!

Interested in trying a campaign like this for your upcoming product launch? Start your impact campaign today with VOTO! 👇🏽

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