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Fan-Driven Magic: Transforming Live Events One Concert at a Time 🎤

In the realm of live events, VOTO doesn't see the audience as mere spectators; they're the co-stars in crafting the ultimate show.

The Vision: The Birthplace of the Idea

Imagine a platform where attendees curate an artist's setlist through voting. This was VOTO's original concept, a voting tool with charitable giving for concerts. This campaign brought that idea to life.

A Collaboration That Rocked: Concervo Vol. 1

Enter Angie Vargas of Namoki Events a creative powerhouse. Together with the VOTO team, they brought to life Concervo Vol. 1, a groundbreaking event that screamed collaboration. The mission was simple yet bold: craft a sold-out event tailored to the people's tastes, where every attendee's voice mattered.

Empowering Fans Through Voting: Live Events Reimagined

VOTO took centre stage as the tech partner for social good, a catalyst for change. Fans voted on two out of five performers in a Rap, Hip-Hop, and Afrobeats show, causing a buzz. Each vote triggered a $1 donation to Inn From the Cold, a heartwarming initiative that warmed more than just hearts.

The Unveiling: Results That Hit the Right Note

The response was spectacular. The campaign tallied 200 votes, each a chorus of fan collaboration. A $200 donation to Inn From The Cold spoke volumes about collective impact. The ripple effect continued, with 10% of total ticket sales happening right after submitting a vote, forming a new community of fans.

Raising Engagement: Beyond Just an Event

VOTO's brilliance outshone the stage. The event became a lively conversation, a compelling story, a full-blown movement. The blend of marketing, engagement, and buy-in created an ecosystem where the event wasn't a one-time affair; it lingered in the hearts of all involved.

A Symphony of Impact: The Grand Finale

As the curtains fell on an electrifying night, the audience crowned their favorite performer, Malaika Hailey, triggering an extra $25 donation to Inn From The Cold. It was a symphony of gratitude, where the audience's voice resonated in more ways than one.

A Beginning in Conclusion

The story of VOTO's venture with Concervo and Namoki Events isn't just about an event; it's about a movement. It's proof that when fans become collaborators, events aren't just attended – they are experienced, lived, and cherished. With VOTO's innovative fan engagement, the events landscape is forever changed, creating a symphony where every note is played by those who matter most – the fans.

Kudos to the amazing artists:

Special mention to: Teekay Othello & $tick.

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