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📣 Calling All Innovators

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hey Innovators!

Remember how we said big things were coming? They’re here! VOTO is on the hunt for businesses and creatives to join our Beta. Do you want to develop a stronger connection with your customers? are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Sound like you? We thought so, too.

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What’s in it for my business?

For one, VOTO can help you generate awareness about your product, service, or experience by allowing people to take a peek behind the curtain into your creative process before you launch anything. That means letting your customers and fans in on what makes the magic happen. In a world where transparency is a must, and consumers want to know more than ever before about the products they buy and experiences they take part in, VOTO is a great way to let your fans be a part of the journey.

As a business owner, you know your offerings are dictated by the market you’re in. Make sure your products or services are what your customers want from you through VOTO! You can garner feedback from them through a quick QR code or vote link and get instant insight into your consumer environment.

The coolest part of our technology? No matter what you’re trying to learn from a user, we have the solution built in. Whether it's answering a simple yes/no question, taking a quick survey, or gauging the user's feedback on products or services, you'll be able to quickly gather customer insight while giving back to your community.

So, how does it work?

1. Create your vote

Get customer insight on an upcoming product or service offering or get feedback on something

2. Add a donation goal

Pledge dollars to the charity of your choice

3. Share the link on your channels

Get your customers engaged!

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Join our Beta today to get that instant customer feedback, to add value to your brand in a new way, and to link up with a startup that’s doing cool things. Oh yeah, and for all our Beta testers, we’re matching your donation goals by 50% up to $200 on your first vote. Let’s support positive social change together, whaddya say?

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