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First Vote: Check ✅

Homies, our first vote just ended, and we’re psyched! Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about the very first one.

  • 100 of you voted and helped us pick our logo

  • 52 Homies left us their contact info

  • We donated $126 to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids!

    • Here’s how: 100 (Homies that voted) x $1 + 52 (Homies that left their contact info) x $0.50 = $126

  • The vote closed on January 12th instead of January 16th

    • Why? Because we reached our vote cap early! You were jonesin’ to give us your input, and we’re so grateful for that.

  • We spent 0 marketing dollars to complete the vote

    • Everything was done through our personal networks!

  • And, finally, the reveal you’ve all been waiting for:

87% of you voted for our new VOTO logo!

We dig it.

Was this the one you voted for?

Lessons Learned 📝

Launching VOTO, we had high hopes but truly didn't know what to expect. Here’s what we learned from our first vote.

1. Homies care to give their feedback on important business decisions

People want to share their input and have their voices heard. We care about your voice and aim to continue giving you the tools to actively participate in the conversation and impact your favorite brands.

2. Engaging with our Homies can be fun, simple, and encourage charitable donations

One click. That’s all it takes to share your thoughts on a logo, donate to charity, and stay connected with your favorite organizations. Sharing your input doesn’t have to be a challenge, and after seeing the engagement through our alpha, we’re excited to take things to the next level moving forward.

3. No marketing dollars need to be spent when you've got a strong network that cares to see you succeed

Enough said. Thanks fam!

Coming Down the Pike

More votes are on the way! We know you like providing your input so keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to vote.

And between us, the next one will have a special something for our Homies.

Now that we’ve validated our concept as something that works and that customers are willing to engage with, we’re on to market validation! Let’s see what we can learn from our target market.

Who’s our ideal customer? Well, maybe it’s the business owner down the road who’s just launched a new product and wants to make some serious sales. Or maybe it’s your next-door-neighbor running an out-of-home pop-up shop who wants to boost customer engagement!

If you know someone, or are someone, who has creative freedom over their brand, product, or service, who’s energized by connection and charitable donation, give us a shout! We’re in the process of rounding up Innovators, so if this sounds like you or someone you know, head on over to VOTO and let’s do this thing!

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